About us

Professional modeling agency, that has been operating successfully in the business industry since 2009! Scouting agency ST MODELS, is engaged in a constant search for new faces. Provides training, practice and conducts a modeling career by signing international model contracts. We have a database of more than 300 professional agencies around the world, ready for cooperation! Duration of contracts from 2 weeks to 6 months.

ST MODELS's models are well-known personalities of the city, holders of crowns of the most popular beauty contests, permanent participants in fashion events and filming. Our models conquer world podiums and become persons of various brands, we are interested in finding international contracts for our girls.

We are working to promote the model business in Ukraine. Our main goal is to become a powerful scouting agency in the south of Ukraine, and to promote models to the international arena.

Modeling agency ST MODELS is a style of life that determines the pace, style. We are ready to work with everyone. Very often projects are won by people not with outstanding data, but charismatic, models with a spark in their eyes! Work on yourself, improve, go ahead with ST MODELS and success will certainly come! Crossing the threshold of our agency, rest assured - we are not looking for ready models, we are striving to cultivate and open new stars!

Become a model

ST Models school

ST MODELS school - provides training in modeling skills in two age areas:

Kids: 4 - 9 years old

The children's direction develops the correct catwalk, posing, the ability to stay in front of the camera, on stage, self-confidence, artistry and charisma.

Training course 9 months September - May.

Adults: 14 - 25 years old

Professional course on preparing models for working on international contracts. Catwalk, mastery of camera work, video classes, work on self-confidence, theory about modeling.

The course is 3 months (for the recruitment of a group of 15 people).

To register for a model school, you should fill out a form on the BECOME A MODEL website. Then the managers of the agency will contact you.

Classes are held in the evening 2 times a week. During training, models are provided with 2 test photo sessions, with the services of a make-up artist, stylist. At the end of the course, passing the exam and graduation, and concluding a contract for building a modeling career.