About us

Model agency "ST Models Kids" constantly cooperates with television, glossy magazines, all-Ukrainian and international beauty contests. After attending school, we are engaged in PR company of the child, we develop a career, and we select a number of measures for improvement of professionalism.

The work of the model is the display of collections of children's clothing, photography of various trends, work at exhibitions and presentations.

The goal of creating the "Model School" is the harmonious complex spiritual, aesthetic and physical development of the individual:

  • - culture of appearance, behavior and communication;
  • - development of fantasy, purposefulness, self-confidence, responsibility;
  • - identifying and expanding the boundaries of creativity;
  • - the formation of a beautiful figure, proper posture, gait, plastic expressiveness, etc.

The program of the training course is designed for 5 months. During the training, the agency will provide an opportunity for photo sessions in which we will create different images, and at the end of the training the models will have the first portfolio, consisting of at least 10 photos!

After graduation, a diploma is issued.